DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash


DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash


Homemade gifts are a great way to add a personal touch to your gift giving this holiday season. If you are looking for a DIY gift idea for a dog owner, this DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash is the perfect Christmas craft to make. The neon twine is bright and fun, but you could also substitute in red and green twine for a more traditional holiday look. You can also change the paint colors to fit with the dog's (or dog owner's) personality. Stylish and simple to create, this DIY dog leash is a great way to include your furry friends in your gift giving this Christmas.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash


  • Leather Strap
  • Black Paint
  • White Paint
  • Neon Twine
  • Brass Swivel Ring
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Leather Crafting Tools (punch and awl)
  • Paintbrush
  • G-S Hypo Cement

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash Materials


1. Start by measuring out 6" sections and marking them lightly on the leather. Paint them alternating black and white. Be sure to use a high quality paint so that the color is nice and solid and really pops. When applying the paint use more of a pouncing motion than brushing so that the paint stays on the side of the leather and doesn't get onto the top or bottom.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

2. Use a hole punch on its smallest setting to punch a series of 12 holes in 6 rows of 2. You can measure (and probably should), but you can also just eyeball it and mark where to punch by using the awl to poke a small hole.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

3. After punching each hole, use the awl to get rid of any remaining leather bits that got stuck. This makes the lacing process much easier.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

4. After punching the 12 holes on the end of the leather fold it over to where you want to attach it and use the holes as a guide to mark where to punch the matching holes. On this side fold over about 3 1/2" just enough to leave room for the clasp. On the other side, fold over about 9" to make a larger loop to use as a handle.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

5. A note about lacing - it's really helpful to have a something to help thread and pull the twine through the holes. Cut a piece about 32" long and starting on the inside (unfinished side of the leather) thread it through the top two holes to the outside of the leather. The result should be that the center of twine is on the inside of the leather and two equal sized pieces are on the outside. Then switch those to pieces and bring them back through to the inside.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

6. Next, bring each piece through the corresponding hole on the other side of the leather.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

7. The next step is to make an X by crossing the two sides and threading them to the front side (the side with out the Xs) using the next lower set of holes.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

8. On the front side, cross the two sides and then thread them back through the same holes to the back side (the side with the Xs).

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

9. This is one complete X. Continue by crossing the twine to make an X using the next set of holes and continue down the remainder of the leather. It's much easier if you let the twine + leather stay loose while you're working and then tighten the whole thing up like you would a pair of sneakers when you are finished.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

10. At the end, tie a nice tight double knot and then trim the excess twine. Secure using glue - G-S Hypo Cement is perfect for this project because it has a needle thin applicator than can reach into the right place.

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

11. Repeat the lacing process to make the handle and then you're done! Take it outside and test for doggy approval!

DIY Graphic Leather Dog Leash

Health Benefits of Dog Walking

It may seem obvious that walking the dog is healthy for your furry best friend and you, but you may not know all the benefits that come along with just keeping your pet in shape. Aside from keeping your pet’s weight controlled, walks also maintain a healthy digestive system. It will also decrease your dog’s destructive behavior if you find little Max or Buddy chewing up your shoes or running around knocking over furniture. Walking your dog more often will release that energy in an outdoor space rather than inside your home. While you may love your dog’s attention-seeking behavior most of the time, it can be distracting during meals or while you’re trying to work. Walking your pet will provide them with extra attention from you and make them feel loved and needed. These are also great ways to bond with your pet. You can’t forget about little fluffy’s mental health! Make this leash craft to give to your dog or a fellow pet lover for Christmas to promote doggy health. 


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This is such a great idea... I want to make one for my own doggy and all of the other dog-lovers in my life!

I haven't done much leatherwork. Might have to look into taking it up.

This would be great for my dog Gabby!

This is something i would totally love to make for my puppy.

I don't know that I could do this one...but my niece would love it!

never thought of making a leash great idea!

I don't have any domesticated beasts But if I did, I would make this leash.

Having lots of dog parent friends, this will be great for giving next year.

for our Grand dog, Eli

I am making this for Rambo (our little chorkie).

I wuld love to make this for my little pup! I love making her things!

my mom would love this.

What a cool idea. Its simple and easy to make so that anyone can start working with leather, This is definitely something I'm going to make!

This would be perfect for my dog Bugsy, who really could use a new leash, and what better than this stylish one.

What a cute idea to personalize a leash! I am sure any dog owner who received this as a gift for their dog would be pleased with the thoughtfulness.

What a great project! Need to make this dog leash for my baby Pearls

Oh my goodness! Just what I've been looking for. We rescued a little toy poodle this year and we are so in need of a new leash. To make one for him would be great fun.

FUN!! I've always wanted to do leatherwork!!!

If I had a dog, this would be great to make.

What a great idea for gifting.

Our Dog Dixie would look so smart with a new lead. Fun to make and great gift idea for others too.

What a great gift for a friend or friends with dogs!

my dog likes to chew on her leashes, this one would be more difficult to chew through....

I have four dogs so I need to start working on them now

Nice, I bet it is stronger than the leashes the pet store offers.

I've never worked with leather before, but it looks surprisingly doable

If I win this I would have to give it to my granddaughter since I don't have a dog but she does. She is also into crafts.

So easy and fun.

I want these for my dogs and you could make them as long as you wanted!!

I do have a couple friends with dogs, and it probably would not be hard to finish before Christmas. Looks like it would be a fun project to do.

personalize and bling..........never hurts to add the personal touch

lucky pets getting this for Christmas. :)

my friend would adore this for her fuzzy kids

Great gift idea for the dog owner on your list, or furry baby of your own.

don't own a dog myself but might make a cute gift for my niece

What a terrific gift idea for all the animal lovers in my life.

This would be perfect for my new "niece" puppy!

this is really cute.. My yorkie would be stylin in this... as long as I can keep I from chewing on it... that dogs chews everything lol!!

My cats would claw my eyes out if I put something like this on them, but it would make a nice gift to my sister for her little dog!

This is a perfect unique gift for my dog-lover friends.

I think I could actually make this, and my little wiener dog would like it.

This looks so easy to make and I would love to give it a try.

Since I don't have a dog, I would not make this for my family, however, I do have other family who have dogs and would love something like this. The instructions are very clear to follow, also.

Love the idea of this! My dog could really use a new one! Very cute!

woof woof that's my dog saying he loves it

This would make a great lanyard as well. Very nice!

i dont have a doggie but the basic idea can be used for making something else..

This would make a great project for my son-in-law.

Cool idea!

I have 4 mini doxies and I need something like this for those short legged walks! The ones I have now are old and could use some revamping.


This is so cool!

Very cool can be used for other stuff!!!

Not having a dog, I will probably adapt this idea to use as a purse strap, but I like the idea of using a fun and funky contrast color for the lacing.

this looks like a wonderful dog project but I need some cat projects, everyone we know seems to be phasing out dogs and getting cats!


This looks great and I would love to make it for my two babies!

I wish I had a dog to use this on!

My dog would look so cute with one of these. A matching collar would be great too.

I would love for someone to make me one of these!

My granddaughter would love to make this for her dog!

I'd like to try this!

Wow! Never thought of doing this as a craft. Interesting

I'd love to make this! My little Ginger would really sport this like a queen! *S*

Wow! I used to do leather crafts as a kid, made a bunch of wallets and things, but never thought about a dog leash! :) My daughter works with rescue dogs and dog-sits, plus she has 4 of her own (which count as my first grandkids). I'd love to do this, and get a little extra leather to make a matching collar. It would certainly look better than the sweater I attempted to make for one of them, that ended up making the poor dog look like a whirling dervish!!

my dogs need this

As noted by others, it appears there is a bit of investment in leather working tools required prior to making this leash.

This would be a great craft to make but I believe I heard that leather tools are very expensive. I wonder if there is a place to buy used tools?

Very nice looking leash. Happy Holidays!!

I have always liked to work with leather, but never thought about making something for my dog! This looks like fun, and I like the clean, contemporary look.

We are thinking of getting a small dog as a companion. This would be a fun project to try.

This looks so cool, some leashes are so flimsy but this one looks sturdy and fun to make.would love to win

Very creative!

Not sure about the color scheme, but my dog would be stylin' with this!

wow that looks so proffessional!!!!

This looks easy to do. I think our dog will love this.

I like the idea of using special colors like for a sports team theme leash - cause we just can't seem to get enough sports team accessoreies around her (Hmm), Anyway, very cool priject

Wonderful instructions.

This looks doable! Love the bright color stitching with the dark leather.

This is a cool way to give a more personal touch to the dog-walking routine.

I would make & give this to my Great Nephew who's getting a puppy for Christmas

This looks like an easy gift for my doggie friends.

My little Molly told me she want to be seen with this one-of-a-kind leash in our neighborhood, so all the gossiping old biddies will be jealous.

great directions, looks fun

This project looks so easy and fun. I would love to be seen at the dog park with my friend Scout with this lovely handcrafted leash.

The project looks great but don't think I would take the time to make it.

This looks like an easy DIY gift for the dog lover I. Your life.

wow! nice directions 4 a handy item 4 the dogs:)

I don't have dogs anymore, but if I did, this looks like a great project.

I've never done something like this. Looks interesting to try.

Great project but a wee bit out of my league.

not sure if i don't like the finished product or just don't like the colors, but some cool techniques

This is a cute and simple gift for any dog lover. The best part is that it can be customized to fit the personality of any dog or owner

Might have to make my yorkies a Christmas present...shhh!

I would make a dog sweater for my Basset Hound, BooHoo Boone.

Looks simple enough. Would make a very nice gift for that dog owner on your Christmas list.

Makes me wish I had a dog to make one for.

What a great idea for a pet gift. I would make one for my dog banjo and one for my moms dog pooky.

Very nice!

What a perfect Christmas present for Herbie (bichon frise)!

I would love to make this. Would make a great project to work on like a snow day today. Thank you

Wow that leash looks sleek!

This is so cool! Would absolutely love to make this!!! My goofy dog needs a ROCKING leash and collar to reflect his personality! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome prizes!!!

I like this, I need to make one of these.

This is wonderful. Thank you for putting an elegant project on here for our 4 legged children. Now to get busy making them before Christmas.

Rambo would love this

What a fun thing to make!

Wow! Looks very classy :)

Oh, I have a small poodle named Oliver. I would love to make this for him. It would be quite fun too. Looks like a new hobby.

What a fab idea, not seen anything like this before, and so easy to do :-)

Going to be a great gift was not that hard and looks great


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