5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Coffee Filters + More Green Craft Ideas


5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Coffee Filters + More Green Craft Ideas


Winter Coffee Filter WreathWith holiday spending on the rise, you don't want to get caught up in a budget crisis. You can get started on being thrifty with your household materials with these 5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Coffee Filters and More Green Craft Ideas. This collection includes recycling craft projects for your Christmas home decor that will look just as high quality as anything in stores. These homemade Christmas decorations will not only fit in perfectly with your other DIY Christmas decorations, but they're all guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Along with coffee filter recycling crafts, we also have plenty of recycled Christmas decorations using paper, old bottles (plastic and glass), cardboard, and cans. No matter what you have in your recycling bin, you're bound to find something to make. Why spend lots of money on Christmas decorations when you can not only save money by upcycling, but by also making things that no one would guess you made - let alone with recycled materials? Take a look at these amazing Christmas craft tutorials, and get started going green today. 


5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Coffee Filters + More Green Craft Ideas

5 Ways to Decorate for Christmas with Coffee Filters + More Green Craft Ideas

Table of Contents

Coffee Filter Recycling Crafts

Christmas Paper Crafts

Recycling Craft Bottles

Crafting with Cardboard

Can Crafts


Coffee Filter Recycling Crafts

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree

Not only are these projects thrifty ways to decorate for Christmas, but they're great practice for some popular techniques.

  1. Coffee Filter Snowflakes - Spend an afternoon making snow crafts for the entire house. 
  2. Coffee Filter Angel Wings Ornament - Angel crafts have never looked more delicate!
  3. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree - Make a craft tree that won't leave behind a mess.
  4. Winter Coffee Filter Wreath - Guests will be shocked to learn this gorgeous wreath is a homemade Christmas decoration.
  5. Coffee Filter Christmas Trees - These will fit in perfectly with other Christmas home decor crafts.


7 Mason Jar Christmas Crafts & Christmas Gifts in a Jar free eBook
During the Christmas season, Mason jar gifts can be a real life saver. This free eBook, 7 Mason Jar Christmas Crafts & Christmas Gifts in a Jar, will help you save money and show others that you care. You can use Mason jars for so many different kinds of projects, so be sure to save this free eBook for later.



Christmas Paper Crafts

Paper Roses

Paper is everywhere, so you can be sure that you don't have to spend a lot of money on materials for these papercrafts.

  1. Simple Paper Flower Ornaments - This is a chic, fun way to decorate for Christmas with homemade ornaments.
  2. Pretty Paper Tree - Paper provides so many ways to decorate for Christmas with its flexible shapes.
  3. Paper Roses - Complement your tableware with elegance.


Recycling Craft Bottles

Yogurt Bottle Snowmen

Refashion and transform an everyday recyclable into a whole new bottle craft.

  1. Yogurt Bottle Snowmen - Make the most regular activities much more fun with a snowman craft bottle.
  2. Plastic Bottle Ornament Bottoms - Make this as a gift for someone special.
  3. Kids Toy DIY Snow Globe - You and your children will have so much fun making snow globes out of old jars.



Recycled Christmas Decorations: 13 Snow Globe Tutorials
Check out our collection of Recycled Christmas Decorations: 13 Snow Globe Tutorials. It is full of fantastically fun, kid, and budget-friendly recycled Christmas crafts. Snow globes are some of the most iconic Christmas decorations. This Christmas craft collection features the most "green" DIY snow globes our site has to offer. These wonderful winter crafts are not only cost efficient, but easy to make, and super fun to play with. 



Crafting with Cardboard

Holiday Joy Sign

Cardboard is easy to work with, but also very reliable, so you can keep all of these Christmas craft projects for years.

  1. Cardboard Star Ornament - Get a perfectly shaped craft star with very little effort.
  2. Cardboard Cutout Snowman Ornaments - You can hang these cute little green craft projects anywhere.
  3. Super Simple Coffee Cardboard Recycled Wreath - This craft wreath doesn't take up space and looks very rustic.
  4. Holiday Joy Sign- Your walls will reflect nothing but holiday joy!


Can Crafts

Tin Work Ornaments

Instead of recycling them, grab some cans and learn about one of the many ways to decorate for Christmas with them.

  1. Tin Work Ornaments - These handmade Christmas ornaments are very intricate and artistic.
  2. Easy Can Lid Ornament - This will take you less than 10 minutes.
  3. Frozen Juice Container Gift Box Ornament - Create a Christmas decoration and a handmade gift box at the same time.
  4. Juice Can Santa - You can't have Christmas without an adorable Santa craft!


7 Thrifty Christmas Craft Ideas
Is your head swimming with exciting Christmas craft ideas? You're not the only one! It's never too early (or too late) to start working on home decor, DIY gifts, and handmade decorations. The projects found in this free eBook, 7 Thrifty Christmas Craft Ideas, are suitable for adults and children, so you can get the whole family involved in the creative side of Christmas this year.



What are your favorite recycled Christmas crafts?
Let us know in the comments below!


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Coffee filters are so versatile and easy to use. I love the one where you use them to make the wreath. I have to say that is my absolute favorite project. Do you have other inexpensive ideas for crafts using items you find around the home besides coffee filters? I would love to make a bunch of wreaths and hand out this year. It would be inexpensive and festive.

Wow, I had no idea you could do so much with coffee filters. I usually go for crafts that involve toilet paper rolls or old Christmas cards since I always have those laying around.


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