Most Popular Christmas Crafts: Snowmen vs Angels


Most Popular Christmas Crafts: Snowmen vs Angels


We have a very important question for you: Do you prefer snowmen or angels when you are looking for Christmas crafts? We know our readers love both (who wouldn't?) but we are curious which would win out as the best Christmas character on AllFreeChristmasCrafts.

Let's have them battle it out. Choose "snowmen" or "angels" below. 

Rustic Wood Snowman Head    Pasta Angel Homemade Christmas Ornament

If you need a little convincing, check out some of our most popular snowmen and angel Christmas crafts. 


The Coolest Snowman Crafts

  1. Rustic Wood Snowman Head

  2. Plastic Spoon Snowman Pot Decoration

  3. Crochet Snowman Jar Cozy

Heavenly Angel Crafts

  1. Pasta Angel Homemade Ornament

  2. Sweet Safety Pin Angels

  3. Stand Up Book Angel

BONUS! This collection of 19 Pine Cone Crafts for Christmas highlights both snowmen and angels in pine cone form.



Which Christmas characters are better: snowmen or angels

Vote "SNOWMEN" or "ANGELS" in our comment section below!


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I have to go with angels here. I love snowmen, but angels are just so perfect, right? My mom loves angels. I was looking for a good collection to pick a favorite to make for her this year. I know where I am looking, now I just have to choose my favorite.

angels, definitely!

My vote is and always will be - ANGELS!! I have many in my family, from the youngest to the old.

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote! This battle was a tough one but, in the end, SNOWMEN are the more popular Christmas craft. It's SNOW wonder, they are adorable. But, don't worry, we'll continue to feature both beautiful characters! - Krista, Editor, AllFreeChristmasCrafts







Snowmen hands down, they are so cute you just want to hug them

I love snowmen.

I prefer angels. They cover the religious theme of the holiday

Snowman. The reason would be because I do different Christmas theme's and Snowman red/white are my theme.

As beautiful as Angels are. Snowmen are so much more fun. Snowmen for sure.

snowmen, angels are male not female

Snowman because they are more fun to make



Snowman are the best. Angels are never depicted as they should be!!

Snowmen for sure. So adorable!!

SNOWMEN!!! They always look so adorable!!! As for angels sometimes they make me upset since my dad passed...

Angels - thanks for posting all these , they're great !

snowmen for sure

I'm going to have to go with snowmen (even though I haven't made a successful one since I was five). How else am I going to obnoxiously sing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" to all of my friends.

Snowmen, for sure. I've make many of them in my day and hope to make many more as the years pass. Unless I move to a warm climate where there is no snow. Then I don't expect to make snowmen.

Congratulations! You are the winner of the contest. Expect an email from us soon :)

I love snowmen but Angels bring to mind the reason we celebrate Christmas. They notified the Shepherds of Christ's birth.

Definitely snowmen!

SNOWMEN! I don't think anyone who has seen Frozen can deny how adorable they are. Plus, you can use snowman decorations all winter long. Angel decor is usually more Christmas-y.

I vote for angels because they are part of the Christmas story, snowmen are more generic winter theme



I'd say snowman...they are both cute but definitely snowman!! Thanks...take care.

Angel I have 3 that ate





Apparently, I'm in the majority because I would also vote for snowmen. Of course, that's based on the crafts that are linked to this page.



snowman for sure

Snowmen for sure, I feel angels to be "perfect" and I won't feel so bad if my snowmen don't quite look "angelic".

I like both but I think I would choose Snowmen

Snowmen just because they are fun.

I really like both but to choose one would be snowmen.

Definitely 'Angels' because they are with me all year long and I love them.

Love 'em both ! But if I have to choose one, it would be snowmen. Every single one raises some kind emotion in me.


Snowmen and ladies







I love angels, but a lot of my Christmas crafting is snowmen for the little ones.




Angels!! I have over 100 in my collection.





Snowman especially the Plastic Spoon Snowman Pot Decoration


It has to be snowmen.

Snowman they put a smile on your face, just like the one you put on him/her.

A Snowman of course, they can melt your heart!





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